Lesson 4: Think positive


I’m glad to see you again.

If you find yourself reading this page again, it means that the first lesson has paid off, and your thirst for truth is great.

I welcome you to the fourth meditation lesson of Hybridation Relax.

I remind you that this lesson is open to everyone. You can access this page at any time, to re-read even just one sentence. You can take this page with you anywhere, open it with your phone when you’re on the train, when you have a break, when you’re in line at the post office.

If you have not read the first lesson yet, I suggest you start from there: this mini-course on awakening has been designed to help your soul awaken gradually, and to start you need to start from the simplest step.

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Think positive.

Who knows how many times have you heard this sentence. Who knows how many times you’ve read it somewhere. I bet you read it almost like a joke. Think positive? I? of course! I always think positive! Or there are those who, on the contrary, say: eh, yes, maybe I could think positive.

I want to tell you: why not? The truth is, maybe you’re scared. Fear of opening up to a different vision of life. TV, newspapers, society in general teach us to always need something, to never be satisfied, to demand something we do not have. Maybe we want to be positive inside, maybe we get up with good intentions.

We think we are positive … but …

Stop thinking!

That’s right! The first rule for “positive thinking” is to stop thinking. Because the state of positivity can not be born with reasoning. We could spend hours and hours talking about the glass half full and half empty, positive and negative, but to truly understand positivity, just look at a child.

Have you ever really looked at a newborn?

Look at it carefully.

A child smiles. He does not because he has just received his salary, nor because his mother has promised him a new video game. The child is the perfect example of the “mental emptiness”, of translating one’s inner state with one’s own body language.

But we are not babies … we feel so caught up in this reality made of matter, of things … of commitments, of obligations. How to do?

Let yourself go. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do not think about anything.

Imagine being a child.

I want to give you a little help. Open this link below. It will help you, believe me!

Concentrate here. Now.

Are you listening to the song I suggested? Good. Now concentrate on the music you hear.

Nice, right?

It’s a carefree music. A music that makes you think about the summer, in the heat.

Now I want you to follow my instructions carefully. Let yourself go to this music, immerse yourself in a relaxing bath. In the second lesson we learned to immerse ourselves in the Water element. Now we have to do the same thing: open your arms, feel free, now.

Now repeat this sentence: It’s all right.

It’s just three words. But they are very important. In the first lesson I asked you to ask the question “Why do I exist?”. Now you have to formulate a new thought. Everything we say goes through our subconscious and influences us. That’s why spending the day complaining can not have any other effect except to make us feel irritated and negative.

Try to repeat with me: It’s all right.

Repeat it so many times, do it aloud if you can. If instead you are at work, if you can not own it, then repeat it mentally. After a while, you will begin to feel a very strange sensation: that everything will seem to be lightening. all will seem easier, all of a sudden. At the beginning it will be a slight sensation, it will last only a few moments. But if you continue, it will always be stronger.

How is it possible? It is simple, our subconscious, our being, are influenced by everything we say and do. We are influenced by sounds, colors, and nature, as we learned in the Third Lesson. How many times a day do we say something really positive?

I bet that, thinking about it, our positive words will be very few. And here is my cure for you: A week of Va All right!

For a week, you will have to repeat this sentence during the day. When? Well, every moment is good! Before sleeping, for example, or maybe as soon as you wake up. Before an important test, or during a very stressful moment. When an unpleasant event happens, or when you receive a pleasant surprise. Try, experiment, rediscover your self! That self that you left at the bottom of your heart, but that whispers from time to time.

I want to give you this song. We created it specifically for this moment. You can download it for free, and listen to it whenever you want.

Summer Night

If you prefer, you can subscribe to the youtube channel, where you will always find this song.

At the next lesson. Good workout.

P. – Hybridation

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