Lesson 1: Be Conscious


If you are reading this page, it means that something in you is changing.

Perhaps curiosity pushes you to look for something even if you do not know what it is. Maybe you’ve already made some attempts but every time something does not work. Masters claim that nothing happens by chance, and that when a person is ready, things happen. Nothing superfluous happens in our lives, and what we need is in front of our eyes. You’ve probably reached a point in your life where you feel you’re ready to reach a greater level of understanding. You are ready to deepen yourself, to know your true essence.

Meditation exists since man exists. There are innumerable techniques and internal practices, and we are not here to decide which method is better than the others. Here is the first, great rule to keep in mind:

If something does not work, the problem is not in the method, but in you.

To get to choose the right meditation, you need to start getting to know who you are. It does not matter if you believe in one God, or in many Gods. You can also not believe in anything.

Now I want you to be there, sitting and reading these words, abandon all your thoughts for a moment.

I want to help you. Open this link and disconnect for a moment from the world. If you have headphones, put them on, it will help you to continue this lesson.

Concentrate here. Now.

You’ve come this far for a reason.

Ask yourself: Why do I exist?

I want you to start with this simple question. Close your eyes, and think intensely: “Why do I exist? Why?”.

There is no other question to ask yourself to begin with.

I know it’s not easy to answer. And I know very well that at this moment, your mind is full of thousands of thoughts. What am I doing? Why I stopped, I had to finish cleaning the house! I have to pay the bills. I have to do something else. Maybe your mind is thinking about the message you sent to that person, or the one who called you a little while ago. All these thoughts are crowding your mind, they are overloading you and they are keeping you from concentrating your mind on that one simple question I asked you to bring a little while ago.

Why do I exist?

It is not difficult, they are only two words. Yet why so much difficulty?

Good. You are here to learn. And I want to help you. Sometimes listening to the right music can help you for a moment to isolate you from the surrounding world and intensify a thought. Do not worry if it will be difficult at first. Listen to the song I suggested to you. It will help you, believe me.

I invite you to reflect: how can you claim to win the swimming Olympics if you do not train hard and firmly every day? Have you ever seen someone play a Chopin nocturne without having worked every day to increase the elasticity of the fingers, to improve their mental and muscle memory, to read the score and understand the rules that make up the score and music?

Everything requires exercise. And it is useless to spend hours and hours trying to do something you have never done before. You will not get anything. In fact, you could only provoke a great headache. When you enter a gym and ask your coach what to do to improve your body, at the beginning he will only measure your initial muscle mass. Next, he will begin to tell you to train a little, but frequently. Your table will not be particularly heavy, but you will be asked not to interrupt for any reason and to complete your exercises every month.

I ask you to do this. Choose two minutes of your day. Think of a moment during the day when you can sacrifice two minutes of your time. It may be before going to sleep, it may be during the lunch break (before returning to work). No matter when you choose to do it, the important thing is that it is always the same time of day.

Have you thought about it? Did you make a choice? Good. Now take the phone. Do it now. Enter an alarm with the time you have decided, and enter the daily repetition. Call the alarm “Meditation”.

And tell yourself: Just two minutes. Only two minutes of my time.

Every time the alarm rings, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, think about the question:

Why do I exist?

Two minutes a day will be more than enough. It is the training that I prescribe you to start with. There is no need for anything else. I do not want you to buy diaries or video lessons. Only one question, only two words.

For the next seven days, you will do this exercise every day for two minutes a day.

I’m glad you’re here with me. I am happy that your soul has chosen to wake up. I do not want to delude you, the road will be difficult, it will be hard and often when the alarm will sound, most of your mind will force you to think about something else. But I ask you to fight it, just for two minutes a day, and to think about the question I have prescribed for you.

Why do I exist?

I want to give you this song. We created it specifically for this moment. You can download it for free, and listen to it whenever you want. Here is the link:

Think Buddha

If you prefer, you can subscribe to the youtube channel, where you will always find this song.

See you at the next lesson. Good work.

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