Lesson 3: The sounds of nature


I’m glad to see you again.

If you find yourself reading this page again, it means that the first lesson has paid off, and your thirst for truth is great.

I welcome you to the third meditation lesson of Hybridation Relax.

I remind you that this lesson is open to everyone. You can access this page at any time, to re-read even just one sentence. You can take this page with you anywhere, open it with your phone when you’re on the train, when you have a break, when you’re in line at the post office.

If you have not read the first lesson yet, I suggest you start from there: this mini-course on awakening has been designed to help your soul awaken gradually, and to start you need to start from the simplest step.

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In our first lesson, we asked ourselves: Why do I exist? A feeling of amazement has been created in us and we have experienced the well-being created by our soul in contact with our body.

Last week, we came into contact with water. We looked at it as if it were the first time, we touched it, we closed our eyes and we thanked this purifying element. Our awareness is bigger now. Our soul is waking up from our torpor and we are feeling the first fruits.

If you have reached this point, you must feel proud of your path. Do not worry if you have not been able to meditate every day. The family, the children, the work, the kitchen … we know how many things every day must be done and how many unexpected things force us to occupy our mind and body. Do not accuse yourself, do not be angry … that’s okay.

I’m sure something happened inside of you. A small seed has been planted, and sooner or later will bear fruit. Slowly, a sense of need will come forth in you, something that will warm your heart and open your mind. We must accept that the awakening can not take place immediately.

It takes time and patience.

Imagine a blooming flower.

Some flowers give us wonderful colors and perfumes! Yet try to think for a moment: How long has the flower been a seed? How long did it take to be so nice?

Nature is an incredible example of how important it is to learn to be patient, and to know how to wait to see the fruits. A farmer knows very well how essential it is to know how to wait: a good vineyard must be treated constantly, throughout the year, before it can bear fruit. He could knock his fists on the ground, scream, tear his hair, but he would not see an extra bunch of grapes for this. With patience and love, taking care and protecting every single row of this vineyard, it grows more and more flourishing, and in autumn it will give wonderful fruits.

Nature is the place where we live, and you are part of it.

Awaken from your torpor, feel in harmony with the nature that surrounds you.

Now, I want you to start thinking intensely about nature. I want to help you, open the link below. It will help you, believe me!

Concentrate here. Now.

Are you listening to the song I suggested? Good. Now concentrate on the music you hear.

Nice, right?

Now, however, shift your attention to the sounds of nature. They are the real protagonists of this song. Nature surrounds us all, and makes us feel alive and full of love.

The nature.

Do you feel how important nature is? Do you feel how the living beings are communicating with each other? The plants are moved by the wind, the birds sing and fly around you, the crickets dance all around.

This nature belongs to you. It belongs to each of us. The earth has no religion, gender or ethnicity. The earth belongs to everyone, it gives you love and peace. Try closing your eyes, listen to it, become one with it.

Take this song with you, anywhere. When you have a moment of peace, open the link and listen to it. Close your eyes and find the nature inside you, and feel how much peace and love there are in the world.

This love is also for you.

I want to give you this song. We created it specifically for this moment. You can download it for free, and listen to it whenever you want.

Whisper In The Forest

If you prefer, you can subscribe to the youtube channel, where you will always find this song.

At the next lesson. Good workout.

P. – Hybridation


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