Chapter 3: Eight directions

In the feng shui the directions are 8 and soon we will understand how to identify them.


In each direction corresponds an element, colors etc. and this will help us in the general analysis of the orientation of our home.

So in order we will have:

North: Water

North-East: Earth

East: Wood.

South-East: Wood.

South: Fire.

South-West: Earth.

West: Metal.

North-West: Metal.

But how do the eight directions apply to our home?

To understand this we need a plan (one for each floor) and a compass.

As an alternative to the compass we can also use satellite images thanks to google maps.

First Step.

First we use a photocopy of the plan because we will have to write on it. Now we find the center of the house. To do this we use the simple rules of geometry, if it is a square or a rectangle we will draw the two diagonals and we will have the center. If the shape is more complex as usually happens, we divide the plan into multiple rectangles, we find the center of each and then draw a line that unites them, the center will remain closer to the larger rectangle (see figure), for a more precise calculation or on more complex figures you will need to consult a text of geometry, online are several guides.

Second Step.

Now holding our compass we will choose a main wall, walking towards it in a perpendicular way we will see on the compass how many degrees from the north differs the wall we have chosen.

Now we take our plan, with a gognometer placed on it, with the center on the center of the plan, we place the degrees detected with the compass on the wall that we have chosen as a reference and the zero of the gognometro will mark the north. So we precisely mark the north (zero), east (90 degrees), south (180), west (270).

Third step.

Now we draw the lines of the four cardinal points making them pass through the center. Now let’s add the intermediate directions.

In Feng Shui the intermediate directions have a greater influence and their field is 60 degrees, instead for each main direction we will have a width of 30 degrees.

Done. Now we have in front of our plan and we will see how each part of the dwelling is part of one of these sectors. Each sector corresponds to a different Chi and therefore to different influences.

As a result every area like kitchen, entrance, bedrooms etc. It will be better under a certain influence, but if it were not so we should not worry.

For example, a Southeast entrance with the door inside the Eastern area is very positive, especially for a commercial activity but also for our home.

A bathroom inside a section governed by a Chi similar to water, on the other hand, could present problems of humidity or loss.

For the bedrooms it is indicated the north but also the west.

Let us remember that we are talking about which section is the space we are looking at and not so much its orientation.

We can apply the method to every single room:

we find the center of the room
we take degrees with the compass
we report on the sheet and trace the lines.

In this way we did on the single room what we did on the whole house.

For example, within our bedroom it will be great to have a bed north of the center.

The Northeast is always an area not recommended for almost everything as very unstable.

A fireplace south of the center of the house will not be the best, because the fire from the south overlaps the fireplace. It could lead to a risk of fires or to “warm up” the minds of the tenants, a person could find himself angry just because it is influenced by a chimney to the south. In this case, to dampen it, we will not use anything associated with water because the water, although dominant on the fire, is an opposing force, but a good solution is the earth. So we could paint the wall of a sand-colored fireplace, a light brown, etc. Or still hold a stone object near the fireplace. The earth will harmonize the fire.

As you may have guessed, the applications are endless and the analysis can cover everything.

In other articles we will see how to best orientate a study to be more productive and many other measures related to every corner of the house.

Riccardo Rosignoli – Feng Shui Consultant

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