Chapter 2: Order out and order inside.

Feng Shui, how the house determines who we are. Order out and order inside.

Rediscover the wisdom of the ancients
We live an interesting historical moment. Technology is giving us many achievements and in some cases also problems. Just think of the doubts about what we will do when the new artificial intelligences are able to replace every task. Personally I think the benefits are more of the defects, the quality of life is improved, we can work from anywhere in the world with our PC or even with the smartphone. We have more time. And perhaps this is why in recent years we are getting closer and closer to the ancient spiritual disciplines of ancient traditions. We want to eat better, we buy organic, we want to take better care of nature and our body. The schools of Yoga and Meditation open up everywhere and people of all ages approach this fascinating world. For these reasons I think that the house will be interested in this big leap in level that we are doing. Physics also tells us that energies are a reality, neurosciences rediscover the benefits of meditation techniques handed down by the monks of the schools of every religion and will not fail much science will confirm that the environment significantly affects our energy and therefore on our mind, on our body and more generally on the quality of our life. In the study of feng shui it is interesting to note how many “rules” coincide with the conclusions reached by the new schools on furnishing techniques and even with psychological studies on our physiological reaction to an environment. This brief introduction was a must to begin with this somewhat more in-depth article on the subject.

What is feng shui? I quote …

“Feng shui is a Chinese metaphysical and quasi-philosophical system that seeks to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”

This harmony is established on the basis of precise rules to better orient the environment with respect to the same energy that goes through everything, the world, our bodies. I’m talking about Chi. The Chi is the “breath”, also known as Prana. The energy that animates everything. The Chi according to tradition manifests itself in different forms or “vibrations” that are associated with the elements, in fact the element is what most manifests the characteristics of that given energy and therefore we also need to start to become familiar, to start to perceive it in our home. The elements in the classical order are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each corresponds to a fundamental color, a season, a time of day, an organ of the body and certain emotions.

How a messy house damages us
The Chi in each of its 5 forms runs on the surface of the planet, each current is intertwined with the other 4. To make an idea we imagine the waves that form on the surface of the water when we throw a stone, we can see both the waves of the stone that the natural ones of the current and any other ripples given by the banks, etc. We will see that they overlap and exist at the same point simultaneously. This is the case for the Chi. The water is always the same, the currents are different. The 5 currents of the Chi cross and pervade every environment and everything, affect it but at the same time they are influenced. We speak of a real Interdependence. So every pile of boxes left in a corner, every pile of dishware to wash, that little bit dust hidden under a closet, that pile of clothes to wash forgotten there, each of these things affects the quality of Chi in our home. We needed feng shui to know that the disorder is unpleasant and affects the mood? It would be a legitimate question! But feng shui does not just say this. The feng shui tells us that these alterations in the energy of our house as well as influencing our mood also have an impact on our body, our thoughts, the people we attend, the people who go to our house, our work, the our fortune or misfortune in relationships, on economic well-being or on the absence of it. The Chi must be able to flow harmoniously. There is no good or bad one. If initially we can clearly distinguish a positive Chi (a bud in a vase on the window) from a negative (the compost forgotten in the bag in the kitchen) we must understand that these are only the opposites of life, the forces necessary for the maintenance of all things . However, the forgotten compost will have a bad influence on us because the energy of decomposition will spread inside the house.
Cleaning up the house is an act of deep inner cleansing.
Personally I became a fan of minimalism. For years I accumulated goods on assets but eventually took the upper hand. Having a house in order was impossible, objects filled every space, energy stagnated everywhere and so did my life.
Throwing away is the first step to purify our Chi
Do not get me wrong. I’m not suggesting to throw everything away. Useful things, things you care about, precious memories, keeping these things is sacrosanct.
But have we ever tried to observe the things we have and really ask ourselves if this object has a sense of being there? It is very easy to fill cellars and attics of useless stuff, or in the handouts. These crammed things will still affect our Chi negatively.
These crammed things will still affect our chi negatively.
The order allows the Chi to flow smoothly, will give freshness to our environment, we will feel more serene and it will seem that our life is lighter.
Let’s try to imagine this scene:
We return home after an ultra busy day at work, maybe there was even traffic on the route. We enter the house and what we find is a room full of objects scattered everywhere, boxes on one side, books piled around, papers and documents on each surface, dust on furniture and chandeliers. We arrive in the kitchen and there are still dirty dishes, the table is full of things above. We want to have a shower but the bathroom is full of clothes to wash and we do not find a clean towel.

Let’s focus a moment on the emotions that this image has produced. Now imagine instead of coming home after a busy day, there was traffic and we are exhausted. As we enter and turn on the light we find a bright environment, the air scented with a pleasant fragrance, the entrance is clear and we can easily put the jacket in the closet. We take off our shoes and our slippers are ready to serve us with all their kindness. The kitchen is clean, all the dishes we need well placed in their place, the free table with a nice doily and maybe with some flowers above. Let’s go to the bathroom and find a clean, tidy room and the towel is ready on the heated towel rail. What emotions have we tried now?
The basic rules for starting to change our home
But now it is time to make good use of this ancient wisdom: let’s move to practice.
First step: Let’s realize the situation in our home. Even if we have an already well-ordered room, it can not be improved!
You do not need to be in the extreme situation of the examples mentioned above to decide to improve the feng shui of your home. I exaggerated on purpose
to make it easier to understand how the environment negatively affects our Chi. Feng shui is a constant improvement that tends to perfection.
Second step: Let’s get rid of the superfluous. Let’s throw away what we do not need or sell it if still in good condition!
Let’s face that drawer where for years we have put the things we did not know where to put. Let’s open that closet door that we ignore every time pretending that it does not exist. Arm ourselves with courage and black bags and face the cellar, the attic or the garage.
Third step: We give a place to everything. What’s that fork in the bedroom doing? Jokes aside. We decide where we want to store things, we choose a suitable space,

the books are not well stacked on the sofa. Towels crammed together with sweaters? We establish once and for all where that object will live and he will be grateful!

Last step: Let’s enjoy our new home! And above all we try to keep it like this!
If we get rid of the superfluous and have decided carefully where to place everything then it will not be difficult. But now we savor the rediscovered order. Let’s hear how it is more oxygenated the air, it even seems that the house is bigger! We will realize that cleaning takes less time, we will sleep better and we will have more desire and energy to bring forward our projects and our passions. I do not exclude that someone could tell us that we seem rejuvenated!


As I said feng shui is a very large subject, it deals with every aspect, from the most coarse to the details. For now let’s focus on these early stages that will lay the groundwork.

In the next articles we will talk about the orientation, the furnishings, the colors and much more!

Riccardo Rosignoli – Feng Shui Consultant

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