Chapter 1: Everything depends on what you eat!

Have you ever felt the feeling of exhaustion as soon as you wake up? I have the solution!

Personally I have always been struggling with my physique without taking great benefits from diets that only apparently gave me comfort! And I discovered only after the hidden error making a share! At the base of a good life yield there is 70% of the diet, which if introduced in the right way brings a psycho-physical well-being not indifferent!  I met athletes intent on reaching their optimal form without results, and athletes who after years of hard sacrifice have finally achieved amazing performance thanks to a healthy and natural targeted nutrition!

And this is precisely the point!

Everything depends on what we introduce into our body; if it is not fed in the right way, you have a series of negative consequences in every respect!

Did you ever get up in the morning and feel tired even before you put your feet out of bed?

Yes, all this is due to what you ate, because your body has had to work all night to eliminate toxins introduced through foods not suitable for it! Here is the reason for this feeling! Introducing suitable foods the body requires less work during the night and then rest in the right way and magically you will return to have the energy of the past!

Try taking 10 days fruit and vegetables every day for five meals and you will notice the difference!

Same for the stress syndrome that we associate so much to the hectic life, in the case of women for painful cycles, that feeling of weariness that we carry throughout the day, and work performance and not that scarce!


Hence the famous saying “we are what we eat”, and it is not a simple saying but it is absolute truth! In short, it’s like having a petrol car, how would you feed it: oil or gasoline? Certainly petrol! So why not feed our body the right way (petrol) and not roaming (oil)?

In these few lines I have described the importance of healthy and balanced nutrition for our existence and how optimal performance can be achieved through it! Next week I will give you other goodies to improve yourself!

Zaira Randazzo – Life Style

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