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Hybridation is an experimental project born by the search for new sounds and the union of different kind of music. The project aims to break down the walls of musical genres. The genres that inspired the project are Avantgarde music, electronic music, experimental music, ambient music, folk music, neo-classical music, orchestral music, symphonic music, and […]


MUSIC HYBRIDATION – CHAPTER 1 Physical copies are finally here! Get your copy now, nice price! 10€ + shipping, 200 copies limited edition! Order at or on our Bandcamp page. HYBRIDATION RELAX HYBRIDATION CORE T-SHIRTS Pre-order your hybrid t-shirt now! Different sizes-colours. Hybridation has begun! Pre-order at


Hybridation Released “Angel” Official Video From First Album Chapter 1 Angel is held by a friend who died in 2014 because of suicide. The video, which deals with this delicate issue, is aimed at all those who have lived this experience from near and far and somehow have lost their loved ones because of this […]